Stranding machines Caution

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  Many accidents occur, a lot of people in the use of industrial machines often neglects some of the attention to detail and lead, so we must see a lot of attention proposed, for example in the production of copper wire is often used to bundle, extruder, extrusion machine, beam machine, twisted copper machine, stranding machine, stranding machine is essential in the manufacture of wire, then the following with you to explain, using the stranding machine should pay attention to matters:
   Operating components are flexible and reliable, it is loose, the safety device is complete. Close the guard, after the first bell rang boot, check the machine if someone nearby and other insecurity, not allowed to use the jog instead of the normal startup and operation for a long time to make the device. Always check and tighten cable gland chassis ground screw, etc., to prevent loosening. On-line-for-line after line planes to check whether the top tight top, lock prison. Equipment operation, was not allowed to stay or move equipment in hazardous areas prescribed manner, shall not exceed the operating site. When equipment operation, to be observed actinomycetes inventory line situation, generally not observed in the middle of twisted bodies, you need to twist the body of the head or tail was observed to prevent accidents. Equipment operation, equipment and cleaning wipe allowed, not allowed to shift Guadang. Equipment operation, equipment operation must continue to observe the situation, abnormal, should immediately stop treatment. Does not rule out equipment failure can not drive. When using the crane hoist ,, hanging wire belt should be inspected regularly and, if allowed to replace damaged should immediately stop hanging crooked oblique pull, to hang or overload. Stranded there when the kink, should prevent extrusion die bad seat. Spools neatly prescribed area. If the waste line twister below and debris, before driving back to clear. Keep work area clean and smooth. Empty plate promptly shipped out channel. Note that the source of fire was to prevent fires. Once a piece of equipment overheated smoke, immediately shut down, and immediately reports of the personnel.
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