Extrusion machine specifications and requirements

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  Extruder equipment consists of:
  By the φ630 initiative put line machines, tensioner, copper preheater, φ1.0 / φ3.0 drawing die holder, φ800mm wheel tractor, φ30 inner extruder, φ65 foam extrusion host, electric main control cabinet, front moving heated water tank, laser diameter measurement, the rear section 30 m single sink, water static tester (installed in the cooling tank), drying device, φ800mm wheel tractor, 12 m cable reel φ400mm , the frequency spark machine, meter devices, φ500-φ630mm biaxial-up machine.
  A. This series of production lines are subject to different processes and materials designed to extrusion reinforcing structure, able to adapt the color bar, color leather with halogen, nylon jacket coextrusion process requirements.
  B. Precisely controlled extrusion process, extrusion outer diameter of the error can be controlled in ± 0.01mm.
  C. Double downtime rejection barrel continuity actinomycetes, both to improve production efficiency, and reduce waste to raw materials at stop stringing.
  D. Optional mobile horizontal extrusion attached machine or other forms of attached machine, meet single note bar, double injection bar and nylon coextrusion other diverse technology requirements.
  E. Optional fast color change system, without stopping to replace the color coat color, which reduces scrap rates, and improve work efficiency.
  F. Depending on the way the process requirements, optional computer since shaken disk drive, dual-axis wrap-up machine axis, ordinary biaxial-up machine and simple semi-automatic knitting machines.
  G. Quality control: with an outer diameter detection feedback device, the entire control products to the outer diameter, concentricity and other process parameters.
  H. Electronic Control: import converter + PLC touch screen control
  Extrusion machine Model TMS30 + 45 TMS30 + 65 TMS40 + 90
  Actinomycetes type power actinomycetes power actinomycetes power   actinomycetes
  Actinomycetes spool 300-630mm 300-630mm 300-630mm
  Screw diameter φ45 + 30 (auxiliary) φ65 + 30 (auxiliary) φ90 + 40 (auxiliary)
  Screw 34: 134: 134: 1
  Extrusion amount kg / h 40 80 150
  Host motor power 15HP 30HP 75HP
  Wire Size φ0.6-3.0 Φ50-12 Φ8.0-20
  6 section 6 paragraph 6 of the thermostat
  Cooling means single U-shaped U-shaped U-shaped single monolayer
  Lead to take power 5HP 5HP 7.5HP
  Cable reel type Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal
  Chu length 200 200 200
  Qualifying speed MAX300 MAX300 MAX300
  Take-type biaxial biaxial biaxial
  Take-up spool PN500-630 PN500-630 PN500-630
  Electrical control inverter + PLC control inverter + PLC control inverter + PLC control
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