Dongguan Gemwell Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd
GEMWELL focus on technological innovation, quality stability, precision manufacturing and considerate service, insist on making all in detail well, repay every customer with high quality, and take customer's success as the embodiment of our enterprise value. The enterprise spirit of dedication, dedication, enterprise and exploration encourages us to innovate and transform the technology of wire and cable into advanced productive forces, in order to build GEMWELL into a new name card of China facingto the world.
The success of customer is our goal to get success!


Founded in 2005, GEMWLL is a professional wire and cable equipment solution provider in  design, manufacture and sales. With our precise positioning and strong technical strength,  GEMWELL has risen rapidly in the field of wire and cable equipment, becoming a world‐renowned  manufacturer of high‐end wire and cable equipment. Systematic management in production process,  quality control, professional talents, research and development, enables our improvement steadily  and successfully. Not only getting good reputation from domestic customers, also foreign customers,  including the United States, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Turkey,  Japan, Australia, Jordan, Iran, India, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Ethiopia, Algeria… more than  40 countries in the world. 





Innovation constantly, combine with the capacity to find the best solutions to satisfy our customers’ needs.

It is important to note that our re-designed R&D center, located in Austria, is built to invite customers to share our efforts and practices for improvements. Our service supply ranges from short-notice trials to joint development programs as well as:

• Product design developments
• Material trials
• Fundamentals
• Feasibility studies
• Process & productivity development
Research and Development

Gemwell counts on an Engineering Department very aware of technological innovation, equipped with powerful resources of elaboration continuously up-to-date with the latest generation tools available on the market. Our team, composed of prepared and highly qualified technicians, is ready to respond with the best solutions to any specific demands, delivering tested and reliable solutions from simple projects, extending to the development of custom and complex applications.

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