Distinguish between the various stranding machine and twisted between machines

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  Stranding machine and the difference between the twisted machine a variety of wire and cable equipment as follows:
  In fact, high-speed stranding machine and twist machine is a concept, and single twister together they are a tiny classified stranding machine. Stranding machine stranding device is a collectively. Stranding machine can contain high-speed stranding machines, single-cutter machine, fine wire stranding machine and so are several. That is a superset of the mathematical concepts. High-speed stranding machine and twisted machine, it is the same product, but the name is different. Because the twisted machine than single twister higher efficiency, faster speed. Its essence is in the case of transfer of the week, produced only a single twister twisted away, and twist machine will produce two lay length. It is also called twisted machine. Its efficiency and speed faster than a single twister, it is also known as high-speed stranding machine.

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