Teflon ejector (sheath)

Application: suitable for insulation extrusion of Teflon large size core wire and sheath
Applicable materials: FEP, FPA, ETFE
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1. Adjustable head, high concentricity and stable outer diameter
2. Accurate temperature control, temperature tolerance ± 1 º C
3 intelligent PLC automatic control system

model EXT50 EXT65 EXT70
Applicable materials FEP, FPA, ETFE
Glue output 50kg/h 90kg/h 100kg/h
Line diameter tolerance ±0 015 ±0 03 ±0 08
Length diameter ratio of screw 26:1 26:1 26:1
Screw compression ratio 3.2‐3.4 3.2‐3.4 3.2‐3.4
Conductor diameter 0.5‐3.0mm 1.0‐5.5mm 1.5‐7.2mm
overall diameter 1.0‐3.5mm 1.5‐6.0mm 2.0‐8.0mm
Maximum linear speed 150m/min 150m/min 150m/min
Vacuum device Oil free vacuum pumping device
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