PVC / PE / xl-pe extruder (core wire)

Application: it is suitable for insulation pressing out of core wires such as power line, data line, network line and electronic line
Applicable material: PVC / PE / xl-pe
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1. Adjustable head, high concentricity and stable outer diameter
2. Accurate temperature control, temperature tolerance ± 1 º C
3. Intelligent PLC automatic control system

Model EXT35 EXT40 EXT50 EXT60
Suitable materials PVC/PE/XL-PE
Insulation Single layer/double layers/injection, optional injections
Extruding output 25kg/h 38kg/h 60kg/h 90kg/h
Wire dia. tolerance ±0.008 ±0.08 ±0.08 ±0.08
Screw L/D 26:1 26:1 26:1 26:1
Screw C/R PVC:2.6‐2.9, PE:2.9‐3.4
Conductor dia. 0.15‐0.8mm 0.25‐1.5mm 0.25‐2.0mm 0.4‐2.5mm
Finished OD 0.45‐1.5mm 0.55‐2.0mm 0.55‐2.5mm 0.8‐3.0mm
Max wire speed 300m/min 400m/min 500m/min 800m/min
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